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Forrest, a lumberjack, brings his young son Woody with him on the job. When Forrest's actions put the lives of a woodpecker family in danger, Woody must convince his father to spare the birds and save the day.


The woodpecker doesn't fall far from the tree.

      The Lumberjack and the Woodpecker is a CG animated short film that explores the relationship between Forrest the lumberjack and his son Woody.  On one of their daily ventures into the pine forest where he plies his craft, Forrest spies a magnificent cedar tree that he becomes determined to chop down.


       Meanwhile, while exploring amongst the trees, Woody encounters Chip, a frightened woodpecker chick who has fallen out of his nest.  Woody realizes that the tree that Forrest wants to cut down is the same one that Chip and his family live in, and he becomes determined to save Chip’s family just as the tree begins to shake.  Will Woody manage to get through to his dad and reunite the birds before it all comes crashing down?

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